Access Control Management Software :

Now a days each and every organization wants to keep track of its client , employee , visitor or wants to provide access of particular area by providing restricted access to restricted area.

Ensuring that visitors are allowed to access only to the locations specified and meet only the persons authorized plays an important part in maintaining and managing the security of property and data within the organization.

Access Control Solutions are custom developed and deployed in order to address the specific needs of specific organizations. As each organization like gym , hospital , corporate , private clubs, billiard clubs, gaming zone , public library etc. wants software customization as per their need .  It is not about payroll and time attendance it also like access control of visitor for particular duration according the amount they have paid to avail particular service .

Our software team provide user specific software demand suitable to their needs. provides a 3-in-1 solution combining an Access Control System, attendance Management system and a Visitor Management Solution.

These software solution have features  likes Time attendance Management, Payroll Management , Visitor Restricted control Management.

Access Control Solution consists of the following components:

Access Control Panel – it is a Powerful processor which provides power for fast download of events. It is easy to install. Removable terminal blocks allow fast connections and simplified wiring.

  • Ethernet connection
  • Battery
  • Real time clock
  • All card model compatible
  • Supports TCP/IP communication

Access Communication Software & Control Database

  • Compatible with Linux operating System
  • In & Out Log Capturing for each reader
  • Time wise Denial / Entry report
  • Fully controllable and customization
  • Optional Time and Attendance Management Software
  • Proximity Card(s) and Reader
  • Magnetic door contact for door status
  • Electromagnetic door lock

The Visitor Management Application has been developed on an Open Source framework and captures the following information:

  • Name and contacts of the visitor
  • Allowed duration
  • Allowed access of premises according to payment
  • Date and Time of visit
  • Entry and Exit times

Our developed software are scalable, secure as well as a flexible solution.