Jenix is India’s leading brand of diversified reliable solution of CCTV security system , diversified home appliances, Solar power solution , mobile charging technology & safety and security.
Offering a wide range of products starting from Designer Fans to Solar Powered home , Security system, Mobile charger, Curd percolator , Sewing machine , Cooler , Access control system , LED lighting , Modular Switches.
Jenix wants to add innovative touch with just in time availability technique to make product higher efficient and higher performed in electrical, security system,home appliances and packaged power solutions sector.
A group of young entrepreneurs come forward to make your life easy stress free by our branded  innovative low cost product. Our innovation aims to make product affordable to all class and society without charging more in name of innovation.
We care about our earth and thus the products are skillfully engineered to be environment-friendly as well.
We deliver solutions that are smart, innovative, safe and appealing. Some unique just in time delivery to provide customize product suitable to each individual choice .

We give professionalization noticeable touch to each product which make it unique than others .
मेरे देशवासियो के लिए बेहतरीन गुणवत्ता के उत्पादो की श्रृंखला है जेनिक्स जो बिजली बचाने का रखे ख्याल और काम करे बेमिशाल ……

ये ही है जेनिक्स का वादा अंतहीन सर्जनता से जोड़े देशवासियों को. Jenix “endless innovation”.